It’s a Security car that looks like a Police Unit.

The mere presence of a Decoy Cop Car at any location can immediately and effectively prevent criminal activity, especially loss of property.

This innovative approach has a wide range of applications. We deploy our Decoy Cop Cars to:
- Commercial Properties
- Industrial Sites
- Retail Stores
- Retail Parking Lots
- Private Residences
- Live Events
- and more

Crime prevention requires constant focus and strategies that evolve to deter ongoing threats. Decoy Cop Cars meet that need!

Click here to see examples of where and how our Decoy Cop Cars are being utilized by our clients.
Note: To protect high profile clients, e.g., Athletes, Entertainers, Politicians, District Attorneys, Judges, etc., we never share photos of undisclosed locations.

Why do Decoy Cop Cars work?

Because they look like Cop Cars, of course! But let’s consider the underlying principles that make this tactic work.

In our society, we are conditioned to have a physical response when we see a marked Police vehicle. Chances are you’ve noticed your body’s automatic reaction when you’ve seen a Police car at an intersection or in your rear-view mirror! Your heart skips a beat as you immediately check your speed and move your foot toward the brake pedal.

Now apply that concept to potential criminals. When they see a Police car – or a Decoy Cop Car that looks like a Police car – the instinctual reaction is to go the other way! Because criminals look for easy targets, just the glimpse of a Decoy Cop Car on your property sends the immediate signal to avoid trouble and move on.

Law Enforcement Agencies have long used decoy Police cars as Standard Operating Procedure – because it works! It is common practice to park a Police Unit on a busy street in order to prevent speeding. The split-second sighting of a cop car slows down traffic. Similarly, you may see a Police or Sheriff Unit parked in front of a bank. Whether or not an Officer or Deputy is in the car or the bank, a would-be robber will assume Law Enforcement is on-site and keep driving.

Decoy Cop Cars are now available to Businesses and the Public!

Whether you have retail, commercial, industrial, or personal property, we can provide DECOY COP CARS to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY!

Protect Your Business!
If you currently use a security guard to watch over your property, you know how expensive it can be. An 8-hour security guard shift will cost you around $5,700 per month. Instead, you could use a Black & White Decoy Cop Car for a fraction of that price.

Decoy Cop Cars can be equipped with cameras that provide a 360-degree view, monitored in real time from our Command Center, just as if someone was sitting inside the car. Again – at a fraction of the price. When appropriate (on private business property) roof-mounted blue & red light bars can be added as an even greater deterrent. A variety of applications can be customized to the client’s needs. Contact Decoy Cop Cars to discuss options and pricing. Click here to see our Decoy Cop Cars in action. Note: To protect high profile clients, e.g., Athletes, Entertainers, Politicians, District Attorneys, Judges, etc., we never share photos of undisclosed locations.
Protect Your Residence!
Why would someone want a Decoy Cop Car parked at their residence? Two Reasons:
1) They have had threats against their person or property, or
2) they wisely choose to protect their property while they’re away on vacation.

You may have another reason; whatever you need, we can provide a Decoy Cop Car to protect your property. The type of Decoy Cop Car that is primarily used at a place of residence is the All- Black Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. This car looks like a Detective car or Undercover Unit. This type of vehicle is often seen employed by high profile clients who have bodyguards or a professional security detail. Potential criminals know what an Undercover Unit looks like and will go elsewhere to seek easier targets when they suspect security is on-site.

Depending on the length of the client’s absence, we will wash the vehicle on-site and even move trash containers to the curb and back on trash day. Remember, criminals look for telltale signs of vacancy, such as unmoved trash cans and dusty cars. Decoy Cop Car services address those issues. We have had tremendous feedback from our clients regarding their peace of mind while away on a trip. Contact Decoy Cop Cars to discuss options and pricing.

Consider the Possibilities that Decoy Cop Cars provide:

The model of Decoy Cop Car used depends on the property, the job detail, and the customer. Not all customers want a traditional Black & White patrol car, which is why we offer optional vehicles. Our fleet currently consists of:
- All-Black Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
- All-White Ford Crown Victoria
- All-White Ford Explorer
- Black & White Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
- Black & White Ford Explorer Police Model

Our Decoy Cop Cars are attended to regularly while parked at the client’s business or residence. Uniformed Security Patrol Officers randomly check on our Decoy Cop Cars and move them to different places on the property where feasible. The vehicles are also washed regularly, as often as necessary, in order to maintain a professional appearance. The combined strategy helps promote the impression that a Patrol Officer is on-site. Because our company currently operates primarily in Southern California, most of the Police Decoy vehicles we use are Black & White, to mimic the color scheme most often used by Law Enforcement in this region. Aimed at nationwide expansion, we have some accounts in other California regions and neighboring states. In these cases, including some local municipalities that do not use the typical Black & White model, we provide a Decoy Cop Car that matches the color scheme of the Police Units used in the respective jurisdiction.

As shown in the Photos, our Decoy Cop Cars have a HUNTER PATROL logo which may be modified to resemble regional Police vehicles. Using a logo and descriptive type completes the package of a decoy police Unit. Obviously, we cannot use our Company name – if we pasted Decoy Cop Car on the doors, it would defeat the purpose. Unless we are employing the Undercover look, our vehicles are designed to look like Police cars which always have decals and descriptors. Contact Decoy Cop Cars to discuss options and pricing.

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